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Karate training for the disabled - Szekszárd

I-Karate Global on Hungarian TV

Szekszárd (1).mp4

First Eu Online Inclusive Karate Championship 2020 Results (video)

First EU Online Inclusive Karate Championship 2020

Final results 3rd Swedische Open Inclusive Karate Cup 2019

Final results 2nd Hungarian athlezisz cup 2019

Results 7th Open Belgium para championship Hasselt 2019

Results World Championship 2019 Dublin (ranking)

Sweden 2nd Open Inclusive karate Cup 2018 - Lund

Results World Championship 2018 Hungary

Ukraine 1ste International UKF para cup

Registration form for the Online World Championship 2021

The international referees for the upcoming World Championship

Register for the next Inclusive-karate course

Ceremony and results 1st World Online Karate Championship IKF 2021

Certificate World Online Karate Championship IKF 2021

Newspaper article (HBVL) bionic glove for visually impaired people

Newspaper article (HBVL) Hasselaar organizes E.C. G-karate online

Newspaper article (HBVL) I-karateka’s shine at the world championship

Newspaper article (HBVL) Karate makes people with 'Down' more sporty.

The I-karate book is released and available

in Nederlands (Dutch) and English.

Book about Inclusive karate by Eric Bortels

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Scientific Report:

Inclusive karate: a new perspective to

decrease sedentary lifestyle and increase

self-confidence in Down Syndrome  

Final conclusion Belgium

Team Erasmus .

The IKONS study in the context of Erasmus +

scientific research was conducted under the

direction of the University Foro Italico of Rome.

Eric Bortels received the

“CIFP fair play award”

from President Dr. Jeno Kamutic.

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